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The ORLA Stage Starter Black is an Italian digital piano amplified in stereo for beginner, conservatory or self-taught use, with a high quality 88-key keyboard mechanism weighted with hammer mechanism as on a real acoustic piano. It can also be used as a master or stage keyboard. It features 16 different quality sounds that are easily selected with a combination of keys: Grand Piano (grand piano), Upright Piano (upright piano), Electric Piano (electric piano for modern blues, rock or pop compositions), Harpsi, Slow Strings, Fast Strings, Vocals (hearts), Brass (brass section), Nylon Guitar (classical guitar), Church Organ, Chapel Organ, Jazz Organ, Grand Piano mode mixed with a string layer, Grand Piano mode split with a string layer, electric piano mode split with a string layer, and finally classical guitar mode mixed with a string sound. A USB port allows you to connect it to a computer with the MIDI standard. It has a metronome with click and measure, perfect for piano studies from beginner to intermediate level. This eliminates the need to purchase a separate metronome. It has 2 headphone outputs, 2 pedal inputs, a stereo audio input to listen to the sound of a song, for example with a phone or MP3 player, and play at the same time. Another atypical didactic function: this keyboard allows you to play in TWIN mode with your teacher, at the same pitch. Very useful for courses. It is possible to add 2 sounds in a single layer or to split the keyboard in two with an instrument on the left in the bass and another on the right (split).  A keyboard key is used to select a more or less brilliant sound (Tone Control). Depending on your game and strength, it is possible to choose a sensitivity of 3 levels (Hard, Normal, or Soft). By default, the Piano sound is selected at a normal velocity. A chorus effect and 3 different reverbs are available (Room, Hall, Theatre, Room being the default). Finally, it is possible to transpose (practical in the event of an untimely change of key in a group, especially with brass accompaniment), and to tune differently the famous "LA" of reference. Key combinations are very easily set up because they are written in white on a black background just above the keyboard. So it is not even necessary to open the operating instructions.






KORG Minilogue-XD

Minlogue + Prologue = XD! The Minilogue is a new generation synthesizer with enormous potential thanks to its analog engine coupled to the Prologue's Multi Engine. While emphasizing the analog sound of the original model, the Minilogue-XD benefits from the Prologue's multiple digital engine, the Multi Engine: effects, sequencer and micro-tuning functionality that enhance the Minilogue- XD's capabilities in both sound design and achievable performance. Four-voice polyphonic analog synthesis.... The Minilogue has had a huge impact in the world of synthesizers thanks to its true analog sound. Hence the idea of integrating this circuit into the Minilogue- XD. In addition to the distinctive circuits of the series (wave shaping to form the oscillator harmonics and a "sync/ring" switch), the latter features cross modulation, a 2-pol type filter and a "drive" switch that adds thickness to the sounds. A versatile synth. Each parameter has been carefully adjusted to meet what musicians expect from their synthesizer. With its structure of 2 VCO + Multi Engine, 1 VCF, 2 EG, 1 VCA and 1 Lfo, the Minilogue-XD deploys typical warm layer sounds, from analogical bass to low fat and lead synth sounds, covering all situations. It comes with 200 presets, and you can store a total of 500 programs. Equipped with a digital Multi Engine engine. The possibilities to design digital sounds are provided by the Multi Engine, a third oscillator in addition to the two analog VCOs. This engine, equipped with three different types of sound generator (noise, VPM and user slot), allows you to enjoy a sound character different from analog or even to be coupled to it, thus infinitely increasing the potential of this hybrid sound design.