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Xvive Audio


Build your wireless In-ear monitor systemThe U4 personal wireless monitoring system delivers great sounding audio to your favorite in-ear monitors.Enhance your stage performance with freedom from wires with U4’s easy to use and portable plug-and-play design. Built using the highest quality components housed in a durable metal chassis ensures reliable wireless performance at every show.ALL WIRELESSPLUG-AND-PLAYEasy to carry, easy to set up, plug in and turn on the power to build your wireless In-ear monitor system Input ModeLINE MODEUse with mixers or other professional audio devices that send line-level signals.AUX MODEUse when connecting consumer audio devices such as portable audio players or computers.LIVE PERFORMANCE MONITORTransmitter with the 1/4”ts conversion put in to the mixing Aux channel, set transmitter to aux mode. Or Transmitter put in the mixing XLR main output, for Band playing, silent rehearsal etc.. set transmitter to Line mode.MULTIPLE RECEIVERSUse one transmitter to send signal to Multiple Receivers- creates monitoring for the entire band. Send the signal from one transmitter to as many receivers as needed simultaneously, Simply set as many receivers as needed to the same channel as the transmitter. OR - In situations where multiple “mixes” are needed on stage, each unit has 6 select-able channels for creating up to 6 individual discrete mixes. If you use more than one transmitter, The receiver can switch between different sound sources by simply changing the channel selector.


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Beta 91

The BETA 91A is a surface effect microphone for bass drums, pianos and other low instruments. But it is thanks to its performance that it has made a name for itself!Surface effect ?This type of microphone uses the surface on which it is placed to capture, in addition to the direct acoustic wave, the wave reflected from the sound source. Thanks to this acoustic reflection, the surface effect microphone provides excellent results in terms of sensitivity and dynamics. Resistant for the bass drum.The Beta 91A is particularly well suited for use on bass drums, preferably in front of or inside the drum. Its static hemi-cardioid capsule withstands high sound pressure levels and allows maximum gain before feedback. Its frequency response, optimized for low frequencies, facilitates its use in high volume environments. To bring out the attack and dynamics of the sound, the Beta 91A features a switchable frequency-correction filter that neutralizes the low mids and enhances the bass and treble. The XLR mic preamp is built into a rugged, low-profile design that takes up very little space on stage, and is extremely durable. The nuances of the piano.Inside, on the soundboard, or tucked under the lid above the strings, the Beta 91A offers a different sound and acoustic aesthetic depending on what you're looking for. Its high-dynamic capsule will perfectly reproduce the nuances of the piano, regardless of its position. This makes it an extremely versatile microphone, whether it's for upright or grand pianos, or for close miking. The Beta 91A offers musicians and sound engineers a different way of capturing the source, with a surface effect mic for close miking at high pressures, especially for low frequencies. A real asset for drummers and pianists!Electrostatic hemi-cardioid surface effect microphone for bass drums and other high-level bass instruments. Maximum pressure 160 dB SPL. Successor of the SM 91A. No external mounting required and can be placed on a cushion or any other surface inside a bass drum. Delivered with thick cable C98D and detachable preamp RPM626.Hemicardioid.Their extraordinary performance and the talent of the greatest artists have made Beta microphones true "stage beasts," now available in wired and wireless versions. Their legendary warmth, presence and sensitivity, optimized response curve, and multiple configurations of Beta capsules have won over those who seek perfection. All models feature optimal isolation and minimal off-axis coloration.The Beta Series represents the highest level of technology developed by Shure. With its cutting-edge design and unmatched performance, the Beta Series is truly the standard for live performance. High-quality, high-sensitivity stage microphones capture every nuance of sound, even in demanding environments.- Optimized cardioid, supercardioid or omnidirectional polar patterns.- High sensitivity for studio quality at high sound pressure levels- Pneumatic anti-shock system.