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Shure - SM58-LCE Voice Microphone

The undeniable reference. The SM58 is the world's #1 choice of musicians, the most versatile and reliable vocal microphone in its class. It can be found on every stage, in every school, in every studio on the planet. Propelled to iconic status by countless artists over the years, Shure's famous microphone celebrated its anniversary in 2016. 50 years, and not a wrinkle! With legendary Shure build quality, the SM58 has become a true reference. The numerous videos of tests in the most extreme conditions are proof of this: here you have a microphone that adapts to all environments and all situations. A bit of history, though. The SM58 is THE microphone that everyone knows. If you ask musicians to name a vocal microphone at random, 80% will tell you without hesitation: Shure SM58! But where does this craze and fame for the successor to the 565, released in 1966, come from? The initial idea of Shure engineers was to address studio issues. The microphones of the time were very bright, dazzling because of the studio lights, and had a short life span due to their fragility. Ernie Seeler, with the help of his team, created the world reference for stage microphones by responding to these problems. But let's raise the hood instead... Since its launch, the SM58 has undergone numerous evolutions while preserving its inimitable sound. Mounted on a patented shock-proof air suspension, its Unidyne III cardioid dynamic capsule incorporates all the current standards of technology that make its reliability and longevity legendary. With numerous improvements: the grille, diaphragm, magnet, paint, connectors, clamping screw... So many modifications that have nevertheless preserved the identity that made the success of its beginnings. Ideal for lead vocals and backing vocals, but also for DJs and entertainers, the SM58 allows the main sound source to be highlighted while rejecting background noise. Its live performance in difficult environments is not the least of its strengths. The undisputed icon. The SM58 is now found on most concert stages, rehearsal halls and music schools, but it is live and on stage that the SM58 has truly earned its reputation. There are countless photos of international artists and bands from all musical backgrounds and universes taken with the famous microphone. Its story is above all that of all those musicians who one day had it in their hands. That's how you can recognize an icon.






Shure - Micro broadcast - SM7B

A bulletproof armour plating! With a comfortable weight of 765 g, the SM7B is fully protected by a strong metal shell, a shield that makes it immune to magnetic radiation from mobile phones, speakers or neon lights. This neutralizes interference and noise. In addition, it benefits from an internal pneumatic insulation that almost totally attenuates mechanical handling noise. It comes with a first classic windscreen and a second one, called A7WS, specially designed for close pickup, which drastically reduces breathing noise, even in the case of voices with low volume. The warmth of FM! With its dynamic design, the SM7B has a large capsule that gives it great sensitivity. This explains why it also perfectly reproduces the characteristic atmosphere of warm and dynamic FM voice pick-ups, with beautiful, precise bass. For easy placement, the SM7B is mounted on a sturdy hinged clamp with a standard microphone stand adapter, which ensures that the SM7B is extremely stable to adjust. Uncompromising features. With a wide frequency response curve from 50 Hz to 16,000 Hz and excellent dynamic consistency across the entire spectrum, the SM7B withstands high sound pressure levels, making it highly effective for picking up instruments at high volume levels. It has a sensitivity of -59 dBV/Pa. Its very pronounced cardioid directionality further enhances the purity of the pickup, ensuring ideal focus and a high level of detail thanks to the effective rejection of off-axis sound. Finally, it has a bass attenuator and a midrange amplifier that can be switched by a switch: totally indispensable for the voice!