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RP 8000 MK2

Developed in close collaboration with renowned artists, PR 8000 MK2, stronger and design than the previous version PR 8000, is now the turntable most advanced of all time! It is programmed for unlimited use with the new Reloop Elite console comes with Serato DJ PRO software. It is also compatible with all other DVS / MIDI software. It has an LCD screen for instant and accurate visualization of BPM but also the range of notes, timing of the remaining pieces, the allocation of the plate and the firmware information. Mixer in a dark environment is not a problem with the target illumination LED RCA removable tip and its new LED lamp spectrum monocoque aluminum for optimal control of the strobe. Your computer is only equipped with a USB port, do not panic! The smart USB connection is particularly sophisticated and can pair up to 4 turntables simultaneously by connecting them so that only one is connected to the PC. Operating DVS, large 8 pads with RGB lighting can control 7 different modes of performance (CUE, sampler, saved Loops, Pitch Play, Loop, Loop Roll Slicer) and 2 user modes that can be customized with individual functions. His PLATTER Play allows users to control the tone of the songs through its performance pads, opening up new possibilities. A total of 22 scales and 34 ratings are available with an option to create up to 9 user-defined scales, which characterizes it as a unique musical instrument that can be operated in an environment DJ, scratch, live as MAO. Using top panel, the multi-encoder allows you to browse the tracks directly from the deck and load them instantly on the corresponding deck. For creativity, you can use the Reverse function and reverse the direction of reading. If you have vinyl formats, you are naturally also possible to switch between the three engine speeds (33/45 and 78 rpm). PR 8000 MK2 has a balanced S-shaped arms statically with hydraulic lifting and anti-skid mechanism. The new base of the tonearm offers improved stability and a tracking angle height / adjustable orientation. The tonearm low resonance comes with a universal cell door. It is equipped with a high resolution pitch, you can adjust the speed of the plate in the range of classic Pitch turntable +/- 8%. The RP 8000 MK2 is also associated with a +/- 16% pitch range wider and suitable for DJ and a ultra-high of +/- 50%, allowing greater creativity in handling and mixing discs. If the quartz lock is activated, the speed of the plate will not be affected by the cursor position and turn to zero (0%). Quartz engine precise control with digital correction of tone, operates at a starting torque of 2.8 kg / cm, which can be adjusted up to 4.5 kg / cm, making the RP 8000 MK2 a turntable extremely fluid. In addition, the start / stop bits can be set between 0.2 and 6 seconds, while the molded aluminum plate under pressure and precisely machined, is lined with rubber to reduce vibration and unwanted resonances. Built in a metal alloy, rubber and synthetic materials, the shell of the RP 8000 MK2 is more enhanced and heavier. The result is an extremely resistant to platinum vibrations from the bass. His feet shock absorbers help to further improve this isolation. The surface is covered with a dark black metallic finish of high quality, scratch resistant. By recessed back panel, the 8000 MK2 RP can easily be mounted in a flight case. The plate can be connected to two mixers simultaneously, which also allows easy switching DVS format vinyl mode. Although qu'équipée a phono preamp line, an optional connection Mass provides additional protection in club environments. All cable connections (RCA / sector) are detachable and easy to exchange, which also facilitates transport and storage.