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Bass station II

The Bass Station II features two tunable oscillators with four waveforms, a sub-oscillator for deep bass, a noise generator and a ring modulator. It also features two different types of analog filters: a classic multi-mode filter (ladder) and a more acidic filter (12/24 dB), for a massive variation of the sound spectrum. And it is not left out on the saturation with a dedicated circuit more than generous to triturate the signal at will. This synth can be as sweet as it is aggressive, a real characterful rascal. It's so easy to find the sweet spot with the filter modulation to make it sing! Push the distortion and it rumbles with authority. Push the resonance to self-oscillation and it's leads will appear with rage. The Bass Station II's panel is filled with controls of all kinds, so it's a great place to explore and create. The layout of all these controls has been thought out in the most rational way, so that the sound adventure is as simple and fun as possible for the musician. The Lfo waveforms are multiple; triangle, sawtooth and square. There is also a sample and hold function and two ADSR envelopes for filter, pitch and pulse width modulation. And to put it all to music, Bass Station II is equipped with a large, velocity-sensitive 25-key keyboard with a very responsive aftertouch that is essential for expressiveness. The 64 factory patches enhance the Bass Station II's enormous sound palette. For added flexibility, 64 free slots are provided for the user's needs. So it's easy to save and load your own patches or manage them in the free library software that comes with the Bass Station II. 

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Fantom G7

The new generation of Roland workstations displays an unprecedented power and luxury of possibilities. The Fantom-G is a dream instrument that pushes the boundaries of musical expression and creation with its state-of-the-art tone generator, connections for the new ARX SuperNATURAL™ extensions, large color display, impressive audio/MIDI sequencerAn unparalleled sound generator With its powerful audio processor, the Fantom-G series offers unparalleled sonic depth and versatility. With twice the ROM capacity of its predecessor, this series offers the famous SRX quality sounds. But the most important features of this instrument are the ARX memory expansion slots and the new "SuperNATURAL" sounds, which are produced by separate synth and effect engines.  Absolutely 'SuperNATURAL' ARX ExtensionsThe Fantom-G has ARX connectors that can accommodate these "SuperNATURAL" series expansion cards. Roland's "SuperNATURAL" technology is based on a new behavioral modeling technique that provides a natural sounding expression never before heard on synthesizers. Applied to the sounds of acoustic instruments, "SuperNATURAL" technology captures the delicate tonal changes, subtle shifts in timbre, and nuances of playing real instruments. It is also a powerful tool for electronic sounds, breathing new life and expression into them.  New sequencer on board The Fantom-G series is the first to feature Roland's all-new sequencer. This professional composition tool offers 128 midi tracks and 24 audio tracks (simultaneously) on a large screen. This graphical control can be further accelerated and simplified with a mouse. To make the most of this extraordinary power, the instrument is equipped with a combined XLR and TRS connector, phantom power for condenser microphones, a high-impedance input for guitar/bass and a line input.  Beautiful, extra-large LCD display At a glance, the Fantom-G Series instruments are second to none. Made of high quality materials, with an aesthetically pleasing design, these synths have it all. The very large 21.6 cm (8.5") TFT color display makes it easy to operate. In addition, it offers numerous hardware controls, including eight faders, four knobs and ten buttons (below the display).  Extraordinary effects The Fantom-G series includes an amazing effects section: you can now use separate multi-effects for each sound/part!In 16-part multitimbral mode, you can use up to 22 effect routings simultaneously. You can also use up to 16 insert effects per Patch and top it off with the global reverb and chorus effects. The mastering effects give the finishing touch to songs created with the internal sequencer. 

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Moog One 8v


Moog One 8v

The ultimate Moog synthesizer - a tri-timbral, polyphonic, analog dream-synth designed to inspire imagination, stimulate creativity, and unlock portals to vast new realms of sonic potential. The first polyphonic analog synthesizer from Moog in more than three decades, Moog One is the culmination of years of research and has been developed to exceed principal expectations of a polyphonic Moog instrument.Moog One’s polyphonic sound engine is built on the most powerful synthesizer architecture ever employed by a Moog instrument. Per voice, Moog One offers 3 newly-designed analog VCOs, 2 independent analog filters, a dual source analog noise generator, analog mixer with external audio input, 4 LFOs, and 3 envelopes. To deliver an infinitely inspiring performance experience, each of the three timbres can be easily split or layered across Moog One’s expressive 61-note keyboard, each with its own sequencer, arpeggiator, and onboard effects library--including a suite of professional reverbs from Eventide®. Secured in a hand-finished Ash cabinet and aluminum enclosure, Moog One’s front panel is equipped with 73 knobs and 144 buttons, inviting physical connection with every sound shaping and performance control. Extended functionality is easily accessed via a per-module “More” button that brings additional parameters into focus using the Moog One center-panel LCD to ensure the most transparent and expedient sound creation experience possible. Moog One is an unprecedented conduit for the expression of your own creative voice. Sculpt, shape, and transform your own sound with nearly infinite possibilities.  

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The world of analog synthesis now has a reference. Being at the origin of the revival of analog synthesizers is already a great achievement, but redefining the standards of analog synthesis in the face of legendary brands was a challenge. With the MatrixBrute, Arturia offers us a beautiful and powerful synthesizer that meets the wildest dreams of sound designers and musicians eager to play with original sounds. The power of this synthesizer is hidden under the matrix. Equipped with 3 analog oscillators, this instrument already offers a synthesis power that will satisfy the most demanding. But all this would only be possible without the famous matrix that the MatrixBrute is equipped with. This matrix allows you to modulate any synthesis parameter with another of your choice, thus increasing its already infinite possibilities tenfold. And with the greatest ease of use! The power and heat of analog synthesis. Each of the 3 oscillators can be combined with the others or assigned to a note (paraphony). If most of the articles you have read describe it as a monodic instrument, you should know that the MatrixBrute can be transformed into a 3 voice analog synthesizer. Nuance! The heat of the sound generated by its 3 VCOs far exceeds the majority of current instruments. The matrix with the triple face. The MatrixBrute's modulation matrix is not only limited to modulation assignments, but also offers a Program mode that allows you to quickly navigate through the 256 programs, as well as access the sequencer and arpeggiator. The sequencer section makes it possible to record a sequence of 64 steps for each program. This sequence can be recorded in step-by-step mode as well as in real time. The arpeggiator, on the other hand, offers a visualization of its progress on the matrix and offers access to the hybrid mode: because the MatrixBrute integrates a hybrid mode halfway between the arpeggiator and the sequencer! This new mode allows you to draw your arpeggios on the matrix, activate or deactivate each step and of course play the result by placing chords on the keyboard.

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FLASH BACK, FLASH FORWARDWith massive sounds, extremely simple operation and a very democratic price, the GAIA SH-01 has everything to appeal to synthesizer enthusiasts. The triple internal tone generator delivers an incredibly powerful virtual analog sound. In addition, the irresistible front-panel controllers stimulate creativity: even budding artists produce fabulous sounds. Controls, sliders and knobs follow the signal flow exactly, making it even easier to operate.The direct control of parameters and fat sounds make this powerful machine a dream synth for students, composers, studio artists and live performers. No prior technical knowledge is required.Power Three" Virtual Analog SynthesisWith its three virtual analog sound generators (three synths in one), this instrument delivers sounds of breathtaking thickness and power. With three competition oscillators, three multimode filters with resonance, three LFOs with different waveforms, three amplifiers and nine envelope generators, your sound goes through anything.This incredible instrument combines the hitting power of three synths! Because the GAIA SH-01 is 64-voice polyphonic, you can create a wall of sound without losing a single note along the way.Serial EffectsFrom the silkiest reverb to the most monstrous rumbles, the SH-01 contains all the multi-effects needed to catapult your sounds into a new dimension. The simultaneous use of five effects opens up an unimaginable range of possibilities. With effects including reverb, distortion, fuzz, bit crash, flanger, phaser, pitch shifter, low boost, and a synchronizable delay with pan effect, you couldn't ask for more.Plus, dedicated controls let you adjust effects in real time.Performance for the roadCompact and lightweight at just 4kg, the GAIA SH-01 is an ideal travel companion. The 37 keys of the keyboard are of standard size to offer great playing comfort and natural response.Its power supply by adapter or batteries* can make it a pure nomad. An indicator on the front panel indicates the remaining battery life to prevent any untimely battery failure. Just add a battery-powered amp such as the Roland CUBE Street, MOBILE CUBE, BA-330, or KC-110 and you can play the GAIA SH-01 anywhere, anytime. * Powered by eight AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.Only master on boardFront panel controllers allow you to control every facet of sound. There are no hidden menus or nasty surprises. Play and use the controls and sliders or move your hand over the invisible beam of the D Beam controller to create surprising effects. The logical layout of the control panel follows the signal flow from left to right.This configuration helps beginners master synthesis and appeals to experienced musicians with a direct approach to sound design.Phrase Recorder and ArpeggiatorHold a note or chord and let the arpeggiator make a musical phrase out of it. You can determine the tempo with the "Tap Tempo" function.The "Phrase Recorder" allows you to record the notes played and all the movements of the controls and sliders on the front panel. During playback, you can play back only the changes in the settings to apply them to the notes you play in real time.USB and EXT INYou can connect this synthesizer directly to a Mac or PC with a simple USB cable to transfer what you play directly to the software of your choice.The SH-01's USB ports also allow you to exchange MIDI data. This allows you, for example, to archive sounds and phrases (recorded with the Phrase Recorder) to a USB memory stick and load them later. The SH-01's EXT input allows you to connect an audio source such as an MP3 player and use it as a backing track. You can even attenuate the vocal, guitar or bass part with one of the three "Center Cancel" modes.

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Drumbrute Impact

DrumBrute Impact is a drum machine with a strong personality, DrumBrute Impact is a source of instant pleasure and satisfaction with a powerful and unique sound. It features amazing performance controls, full connectivity and analog sounds that will give your music a visceral and powerful energy. Aggressive analog sounds With a focus on the "Brute", DrumBrute Impact offers 10 high-energy, refined and punchy analog sounds. It uses "Color" sound effects to introduce unique effects per instrument for certain tonal variations. Boost the harmonic content, add distortion, snaps or crackles with a simple touch on the pads. Automatically create the changes by creating "Color" sequences. If you want even more drumming, use the drum-optimized crunch-enhanced distortion. Drumbrute Impact is a drum machine for musicians and producers who need raw power and impressive sound. The ideal complement to its cleaner sounding big sister: DrumBrute. Instinctive sequencer: Using the same award-winning DrumBrute sequencer architecture, you'll love working on it. Create complex polyrhythms or hammered binary rhythms: Record a performance directly with your fingers, tap the pads to the rhythms of your favorite vox tracks - it's all fun on this drum machine. Use the touch ribbon to create real-time breaks or looped breaks. Spice up a single sound or the entire pattern with the dedicated Random button, add syncopation effects and groove with the Swing function. Play away from computer screens, say goodbye to sub-menus and dive into the world of instant touch fun. Connect to your other equipment, sync and work in a vintage way. With a wide range of sync and connection options, you'll be able to connect and jam with virtually any synthesizer or MIDI instrument on the market. Record your patterns, chain them together to create complete tracks and play them live. DrumBrute is a massive, creative sounding beast with an effortless workflow that's built for speed and ease of use. 10 racy, powerful analog sounds. Powerful, racy drum sounds including a stunning kick, two slapping snare drums, high and low Tom, a shrill cymbal, blistering HHs, massive FM sound and cowbell.

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The MPC Key 61 is the new flagship standalone MPC developed by Akai Professional for the most demanding music producers.Akai Professional, designed for the most demanding music producers. A real first for the brandfor the brand, this standalone workstation perfectly combines a quality keyboard with thetraditional MPC workflow, while offering an ultra complete connectivity.The MPC Key 61 provides producers with a 61-note semi-weighted keyboard withaftertouch and precise velocity detection to bring virtual instruments to life, combined with 16 performance16 performance pads -similar to the MPC One- and a 140mm touch panel to control the many effects or virtual instruments.to control the many onboard effects or virtual instruments.The MPC Key 61's intuitive user interface is centered on a 7" HD multitouch screen that allows for quick navigation.HD multitouch screen for quick navigation between modules, combined with numeroustransport controls and pitch and modulation wheels to control your production and performance at theto control your production and keyboard playing with your fingertips.This cornerstone of any production studio features 25 high-quality virtual instruments and over 6000 presets.and over 6000 presets, reproducing the sounds of prestigious pianos,string ensembles or FM synthesis modules, as well as the exclusive Fabric XL ultra-powerful tone generator.powerful sound generator Fabric XL. To complete any production, over 100 high-level effects are also stored on the 32GBeffects are also stored on the machine's 32GB of on-board memory, which can beexpandable via the addition of an SSD in the dedicated SATA bay.The professional connectivity includes 2 mic/line/instrument inputs in combo format,4 separate TRS jack outputs, 8 CV/Gate, 5-pin MIDI and connections for sustain and expression pedalssustain and expression pedal connections, making the MPC Key 61 the heart of any modern studio.

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