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Akai Pro


Sampler and without reproach.The return of the MPC, a re-imagined sequencer and sampler while retaining the ergonomics for which it is known, induces autonomy functionality, CV outputs, audio track recording, clip launching, MPC 2.0 software and a 10.1" high definition multitouch tilting screen.  It's the largest screen ever used on an MPC, so you can immerse yourself in an intuitive world.Advanced controls.Precisely designed to enhance your creativity, the MPC X's arsenal of hardware controls redefine the standard for the studio's centerpiece. 16 backlit, velocity- and pressure-sensitive RGB pads faithfully capture every nuance of your performance. The 16 touch-sensitive 360-degree Q-links knobs with oLed displays fit perfectly with customizable assignments, while the 66 buttons provide direct, personalized hardware access.The beating heart of your studio.As the hub of your creativity, the MPC X offers an array of studio-quality inputs and outputs. The 8 balanced outputs, which can connect to virtually any peripheral equipment in your studio, and its combination of inputs make it easy to adapt to any setup.Versatility is not an empty word.Whether you prefer to work directly on the MPC or dream of a wild production, the MPC X can be both a standalone production station and a powerful midi controller. In standalone mode, it's powered by the revamped MPC 2.0 software. Connect the MPC-X to your Mac or PC, run the MPC software as a plug-in in the DAW of your choice or as a stand-alone application and harness the power of the VST instruments and effects.Expandable storage but not only.The MPC X comes standard with 16GB of storage, but its 2.5" SATA connector allows for expansion via a hard drive or SSD. In addition, sounds can be accessed and added to the library using the built-in SD card reader or a USB stick. You can also easily manage the power of your sound modules, drum machines and other synthesizers thanks to the countless connections available: 2-in/4-out Midi interface, 8 CV outputs, 2 USB 2.0 inputs, etc.With a design that is often reproduced, but never equaled, the MPC X offers users a stand-alone sequencer/sampler with an intuitive interface, combined with state-of-the-art features that users demand. Don't settle for an imitation, take control of your creative output with the MPC X.The MPC X takes advantage of MPC Software 2.0, the update to Akai Professional's popular software. MPC Software 2.0 can be used in standalone mode, but it can also be used as a plug-in for all popular DAWs on Mac and PC, or as a standalone application. Find out everything you need to know about the new features offered by the latest versions v2.3 and v2.4.With the MPC 2.9 update, the MPC X comes with the DrumSynth drum synthesis plugin, a powerful drum synthesis design and modeling tool featuring 8 individual generators and many built-in audio effects, to best accompany all your compositions.




Fantom 6

Expand your horizon. FANTOMs continue to grow and evolve with new sounds and features added regularly. Roland Cloud offers dozens of Sound Packs and Modeling Extensions that keep your music fresh, while regular updates bring new features and user-requested improvements to enhance the FANTOM experience. Modeling Extensions are available for the following instruments: - ZENOLOGY and ZENOLOGY Pro - JUPITER-X and JUPITER-Xm - FANTOM range Maximum creativity for a more complete experience No more complex modes and menus, its operation is optimized to make the experience more fluid and fast. Create and shape your compositions instantly. A creative process that integrates seamlessly with any computer. The Fantom's maximum creativity mode is always active, no more need to go through menus and sub-menus to overcome technical problems, you'll be efficient wherever you play. No sound compromises, no more technical limits, let your ideas guide you and focus on creating! A sound generator without equal With 40 years of expertise in sound creation, the Fantom's generator integrates both classic and modern sounds. With its Behavior Modelling processors, this workstation offers precise, flexible controls, wide polyphony and multiple patches. Above all, the Fantom is a scalable platform, ready to accommodate future sounds and features. After packing all kinds of technology and sound quality, what could be more important than the feeling of an instrument that responds to your fingers and lets you express yourself fully? The Fantom features Roland's finest keyboards, including the famous PHA-50 for the 88-key version, and an all-new semi-weighted keyboard for the 61- and 76-key versions. The Fantom workstation excels in its speed of creation and arrangement. With its RGB pads, TR-REC sequencer, real-time recording with Piano-Roll, as well as a recording grid and clip launch, you'll be able to perform your compositions. The TR-REC sequencer has been upgraded on the Fantom and features step subdivisions, step automation and chord management.The Fantom doesn't stop there, it can control software synthesizers directly from its touch screen, modular synths or analog synths via its dual CV/Gate output. It is a real high quality audio interface with 16 stereo outputs and 3 stereo inputs. A real platform capable of increasing its power when connected to another device!




Fantom 8

The Roland FANTOM is a powerful and impressive synthesizer workstation with sequencer, sampler, audio interface and extensive synthesizer functions. In the generously sized and expandable sound memory, Roland has literally immortalized a best-of 40 years of synthesizer history and integrated its high-quality V-Piano for all keyboard virtuosos. In addition to multiple synthesis technologies that can be used simultaneously, you can keep in mind that the FANTOM's analog multi-mode filter can be the icing on the cake for some sounds. The sequencer offers real-time sequencing, TR/step sequencing and a clip sequencer. OneShots and loops can be playfully triggered via the sampler pads and integrated into your own creations.Another highlight of the FANTOM are the scene memorieswhich are organized in four banks with 128 memory locations each. They act as fast creative memories and hold everything you work on. Whether it's a handful of patterns, a song you've started, a sound you're creating, various settings related to your current project in the audio workstation, or all of the above, handwritten notes and "it has to stay on because I can't save it" are a thing of the past.Anyone who has worked with Roland instruments will quickly notice that the operation has been redesigned and leads to faster results, not only because of the neat interface but also because of the Fantom's very intuitive menu navigation.Sounds and synthesisRoland has gone all out with the FANTOM, equipping its flagship product with over 3500 sounds and over 90 drum kits, as well as the very avant-garde V-Piano. Strings, organ, piano, guitar, brass, choir, wind instruments and more: the FANTOM's selection is simply outstanding!The typical Roland sound architecture has been retained in that each sound can be composed of four parts. However, the FANTOM's Parts correspond to a complete and extended synthesizer voice with its own oscillator and filter models, envelopes, modulation assignments and, of course, its own volume and panning controls. There is also a dual LFO for each of the four parts, which not only has the usual waveforms, with and without BPM sync, but you can also create your own waveforms by hand. We calculate: 16 tracks with up to 8 LFOs per sound; 128 LFOs simultaneously! If you like to create new sounds from scratch, this is the source of all modulation ideas.The new and extended architecture allows you to create sounds according to the modular principle: take for example the SuperSaw oscillator (known from the JP-8000) and combine it with the Juno filter; what was previously reserved for modularists, you get here in a storable way! Different synthesis technologies can be defined for each sound and each part, so there's nothing to stop a layered sound of roaring organ, delay-wrapped bells and crisp bass.EffectsA set of 90 multi-effects are just waiting to modify and refine the sounds created, individually or in parallel, respectively in series, per part. The selection of delay, reverb, chorus, flanger, distortion, real one-offs with a wow character, should leave nothing to be desired. Moreover, the Fantom has enough power to calculate elaborate effect chains for each of the 16 tracks without running out of steam. In addition, each part has its own EQ. The master compressor is located above the main output. A special position is given to the analog filter, which offers four different filter types (LPF, BPF, HPF & PKG), including the drive. The filter can be assigned to individual tracks, the main output, a DAW return or the analog inputs. Thus, it is not only an extended part of the sound generation, but also an independent effect to give sounds the final touch in the right place.Sequencer and samplerThe Fantom's sequencer has been completely reworked and now offers parallel recording and composing concepts that perfectly support the "typical" recording methods. Instead of recording all tracks in one pattern "as before", the Fantom offers the possibility to freely combine the 16 tracks and use them independently. The songs can be arranged in the classic linear way or in the clip sequencer (comparable to Ableton Live). The TR/step sequencer, which is also capable of substepping and ratcheting, is ideal for rhythm programming. The perfectly played piano or the funky organ can be recorded in real time, either with or without note quantization. The same applies to the 16 pads, which play individual sounds from the internal sound generator or from their own samples. This pad mode is familiar from the Akai MPC series. Behind the pads is also the sampler; with 8-fold polyphony, four banks of 16 pads each can be assigned. Sounds and loops can be up to 2 GB in size, time stretching is of course also offered for loops. A comprehensive Arpeggiator and a chord memory function are also part of the Fantom's sophisticated playback aids.Full integration in a DAWThe FANTOM can be fully integrated into the workflow of a DAW (e.g. Apple Logic Pro, GarageBand, MainStage). Thanks to the USB audio interface, 16 stereo tracks can be recorded, edited and, most importantly, processed in parallel in the computer. Three stereo tracks can be addressed from the DAW to the FANTOM, either to edit a track with the analog filter or as an audio output from the DAW to the main mixer. Plug-ins loaded in the DAW can be easily used and edited from the FANTOM, including song position pointers and the entire DAW transport field. DAW and plug-in commands are also stored in the scenes and can be recalled in seconds, provided the computer is connected and the DAW is open. Otherwise, this data is not taken into account when loading.Thanks to several USB ports, it is of course possible to connect other devices in addition to a computer and an external storage medium such as a USB stick. For example, you can connect a second keyboard for two-handed play, a Breath controller or a fader box.System update 2.1The highlights of the new OS 2.1 are the four expansion slots, which can be equipped with expansions of popular and historical Roland synthesizer models. The four timeless classics Jupiter-8, Juno-106, SH-101, and JX-8P mark the beginning of an ever-evolving series. Best of all, the update, which includes a number of bug fixes and improvements, is available for free to all Fantom 6/7/8 owners, as well as the four cult synths!The instruments themselves can be combined in the usual way with the state-of-the-art Zen Core synthesis, V-Piano sounds or for example your own multi-samples. Moreover, each of the four synthesizers is presented with its own interface and of course with the controls of the corresponding originals. Thanks to the Zenology platform, you have access to this huge variety of sounds everywhere.





SOUND SYNTHESIZERSAWM2Reserved for Yamaha synthesizers, the AWM2 engine offers much more than just sample playback. Each of the 16 AWM2 Parts includes eight fully programmable synthesizers with their own dedicated filter (18 different types!), amplitude, pitch and filter envelope generators, nine LFOs, a 3-band EQ and a block of two dedicated effects with Virtual Circuitry Modeling technology.FMXFM-X is a highly sophisticated synthesis engine capable of producing classic 80's sounds or the most cutting-edge FM sounds for today's EDM music with incredible dynamics, power and definition. MODX features an 8-operator FM architecture and 64-note polyphony, offering a wide range of options for sound creation.SEAMLESS SOUND CHAININGSeamless Sound Switching (SSS) technology allows you to seamlessly switch between performances without any envelope or effect cuts*. It's perfect on stage for ending one track and moving straight into the next.192-NOTE POLYPHONYMODX features 128-note stereo polyphony for the AWM2 engine and 64-note polyphony for the FM-X engine. Due to the unique architecture of MODX and MONTAGE, this polyphony is always available without latency or impact on other features.POWERFUL EFFECTSFrom high-definition reverb algorithms to effects modeled down to the smallest component (VCM effects), MODX is loaded with innovation and DSP power, with sound quality that's off the charts. Use effects such as Beat Repeat, Vinyl Break or Bit Crusher to achieve an EDM sound. The Spiralizer effect creates the auditory illusion of an infinitely rising or falling pitch.You can even add a compressor with sidechain for a modern ducking effect. Or revisit the past with vintage effects such as Analog Delay, VCM Phaser or a variety of amp simulators. Pianists will appreciate piano-focused effects like Damper Resonance for a realistic piano experience, as well as HD reverbs that allow you to place yourself in any physical space.BUILT-IN FLASH MEMORYMODX includes 1GB of non-volatile user flash memory with high-speed read/write for loading your own samples or downloaded sound banks.ANALOG INPUTS AND AUDIO INTERFACEDual analog and digital inputs make MODX the center of your recording studio or live computer setup.As today's computer-based music production demands, MODX features a professional 4-in/10-out multi-channel USB audio interface. A single cable connection replaces the need for an external audio interface. Class Compliant, it is iOS compatible.MOTION SEQUENCESMotion Sequences are fully customizable, tempo-synchronized sequences of control data that can be assigned to virtually any synthesizer parameter, providing unique ways to create evolving and expressive sounds.These Motion Sequences also have dedicated controls on the front panel, making them easy to manipulate and edit live, allowing for exceptional interactivity and expression.ENVELOPE FOLLOWERThe Envelope Follower converts audio into a control source that can affect virtually any synthesizer parameter. For example, a drum loop can drive effect parameters for a pleasing rhythmic feel, or a vocal recording can control multiple parameters for a "talking" synthesizer. The audio can even be a live source plugged into the analog input. AUDIO BEAT SYNCABS (Audio Beat Sync) detects the beats of an external device connected to the analog input such as an electronic drum kit, vintage drum machine or audio player, and synchronizes the MODX Arpeggiator, Motion Sequencer and Songs to the tempo of the external input. The MODX synthesizer "listens" to the live music and matches it!CUBASE AI BUNDLEThe Yamaha MODX comes bundled with Cubase AI, Steinberg's professional music production software for recording, editing and processing on Windows and Mac PCs.