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Professionnal complete soundsystem (2x 12XT + 2x SB118 + 2x LA4)

This complete L.acoustics sound package is the essential system you need to get the most out of your venue.With the two LA4 L.acoustics amps accompanied by two 12XT outputs and two SB118 subs from the same brand, your stage sound will receive an unprecedented boost.12XT :The frequency response can be extended to 32 Hz. The loudspeaker comprises a coaxial assembly of a 12" LF driver tuned in a bass-reflex enclosure, and a 3" diaphragm compression driver loaded by the 12" cone. In the passive configuration, the filtering between the transducers is third order. The active linearisation of the transducers and their protection results from a combination of parameters administered in the amplified controllers.SB118 :The L-ACOUSTICS® SB118 loudspeaker is a recommended subwoofer complement for KUDO®, dV-DOSC, ARCS®, KIVA and XT systems.It extends the system bandwidth to 32 Hz.The cabinet consists of an 18" driver assembled in a double tuned bass-reflex cabinet.This specially designed driver for the SB118 combines extremely low distortion and thermal compression even at the highest sound levels.The adoption of the dual bass-reflex tuning principle allows for a combination of impact and high sensitivity.These properties contribute to the SB118's sonic qualities, including precise bass definition and excellent musicality.Thanks to its small front dimensions and the damping of its tuning that makes it suitable for coupling, the assembly of several SB118s allows the creation of visually and acoustically optimised front-of-house systems.The SB118 loudspeaker is driven and amplified by dedicated L-ACOUSTICS® LA4 or LA8 controllers.Digital filtering provides system equalisation, bandwidth framing, while the L-DRIVE servo process provides thermal protection and manages the excursion limits of the loudspeaker drive unit.LA4 :The LA4 is the latest generation of high-end integrated controllers fully dedicated to driving L-ACOUSTICS® loudspeaker systems. The LA4 combines the resources of a 2 x 4 DSP driving four amplifier channels delivering up to 1000 watts each, a comprehensive library of factory presets, an intuitive user interface, two Ethernet connection ports for network control, a connection panel for audio inputs and speaker outputs, and an optional AES/EBU input card slot in a 2U form factor.


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Yamaha's touch panel-based Centralogic interface simplifies digital operation to the point where it's actually as intuitive as analog... if not more so. All mixing controls other than the individual motorized faders provided for each channel are accessible via just two displays: Overview or Selected Channel.The Overview screen - the console's default screen - gives you a standard view of the 8 channels selected via the Centralogic navigation buttons. These buttons, arranged in an exact replica of the console's 8-channel groups, allow you to instantly bring any 8-channel group to the central controls at the touch of a button. You can then touch any row of controls on the display to focus on them - pan, or bus send, for example - and adjust them via the corresponding multi-function encoders just below the display. You should be able to perform a basic mix on the M7CL without even having to open the manual.To adjust the panning of a channel, for example, simply press the channel's [SEL] button and turn the console's physical PAN control. The same applies to preamp gain, dynamics, high-pass filter, EQ and bus send control. Settings are clearly displayed on the screen as you make them, as is the status of all mix parameters for the currently selected channel. You can zoom in on any parameter on the screen for further control by simply touching the parameter on the screen. When you focus on a parameter, the multi-function encoders below the screen adjust the corresponding parameters on the screen.Translated with (free version)