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6505 Piranha Micro Head

Powerful and portable, the 6505 Piranha harnesses the unmistakable character of the iconic 6505 Series in a convenient, miniscule package capable of a mighty 20 Watts (4 Ohms). No frills - just the raw gain and authority of the familiar Crunch and Lead channels with simple Pre-Gain and Post-Gain controls. A single knob EQ morphs the tone from the most notchy thrash to throaty and boosted metal tones. A buffered Effects loop is included for ease of connecting effects, re-amping, or for use as a stand-alone preamp. Connect any source to the full range power amplifier section through the Auxiliary Input. A single 12AX7 tube is the final component in the wrath of gain provided by this little beast. The design of this low voltage tube section was paramount in getting the soul of the 6505 into such a small and lightweight package. For even more fun, try different 12AX7's in your Piranha - the effect of swapping this single tube is similar to swapping all of the preamp tubes in the 6505 Head: custom tone and as many options as there are tubes. Small enough to use in a bedroom, but powerful enough for the studio, this little guy sounds amazing with the ultra-portable 6505 Micro 1x8 cabinet. Pair with larger cabinets featuring premium drivers such as the Peavey 112-6, 212-6 and the legendary 6505 412 cabs for increasingly unbelievable sound. The minimalist controls and robust construction make this a must-have, "Swiss army knife" tool for live and recording use. Use the headphone jack and aux input for practice, connect the effects send to the input of a larger amp to use it as a "6505 preamp driver," great for quick and easy "re-amping", and any number of applications that you can dream up. The Peavey 6505 series has been forging the sound of metal aggression for over two decades. Since 1992, it has defined the sounds of extreme rock guitar into a package equally suited to clubs, rehearsal rooms, and studios. Some of the biggest names in metal trust their tones to the 6505 Series.





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Sonzera 20 Combo

20-watt combo amplifier with two independently controlled, foot-switched channels, designed for maximum versatility and in the spirit of vintage amps that allowed you to control your sound instead of leaving the amp under control. The clean channel offers 3D sounds that are reminiscent of American amplifiers from the 1960s and 1970s. The output channel is linked to the proper channel from a circuit point of view, so it can be configured to act as an amplified proper channel or manipulated to make the channels sound like two completely different amps (the output channel can be adjusted from slight to very high distortion simply by using the volume and master controls). The light switch on the bypass channel has been carefully designed to provide a familiar high-end snap and is particularly effective on bass strings, neck microphone settings and single coils, while the low-end response of the bypass channel is full, narrow and clear. Both Sonzera channels are designed to maximize clarity and definition of notes. The overall presence control and tone stack allows players to compose a variety of tones ranging from bell-shaped chimes to warmer, thicker tones. The Sonzera 20 Combo also features global reverberation control that is designed to improve notes without blurring them. Reverb can be activated and deactivated via the foot pedal. The addition of an integrated effects loop allows musicians to easily use all their time effects without negatively affecting the overall sound of the amp. In addition to its versatile sound, the Sonzera 20 Combo is also designed for reliability and ease of maintenance. The power tube sockets are mounted directly on the steel frame, and no plug-in connections are used - all wires are welded. With its robust construction, wide range of tones and constant control, the Sonzera 20 Combo is a solid amplifier worthy of concerts and studios.