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Trax Controls Trax RetroWave R-1

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Trax Controls Trax RetroWave R-1

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The Trax RetroWave desktop monosynth was designed for musicians who want the warmth and power of classic analogue synthesizer sound, created by a real analogue instrument, as opposed to a digital system. It is equally at home on stage, or in the amateur or professional studio.

Use it to recreate those classic synth sounds once made by Moogs, Korgs, VCS-3s, ARPs, etc., or make your own unique sound patches that are perfect for today's music.

Using the RetroWave is very intuitive - just turn knobs and flip switches to get the sounds you want. Unlike a digital keyboard, you are not stuck with a set of presets to limit your creativity!

Keyboard or Computer Control
Play soaring lead lines and powerful basslines in real time, or use your computer programs and a USB to MIDI converter cable, to achieve stunning, intricate sound patterns.

Connect any keyboard or sequencer with a 5-pin DIN MIDI out socket to the R-1's MIDI input socket, and you have an complete analogue synthesizer system for live gigs and recording - no MIDI setup to worry about, just plug in, select a channel and play!

You can also use it free-standing to create your own electronic sound effects for TV, video, DJ events, stage plays, etc., or to expand your existing analogue synth system.

The RetroWave's comprehensive "pot and switch" patching system lets you to set up sounds without recourse to endless menu screens. This way, you create electronic music from scratch - the way Carlos, Tomita, Jarre, Perrey and all the other pioneers did in the early days of sound synthesis.

Inputs and Outputs
The rear panel has inputs for 24V dc power supply, MIDI (via 5-pin DIN socket), gate, VCO CV (control voltage), VCO PWM (pulse width modulation), VCF CV, VCA CV and external audio (all 1/4" jack sockets). Output jacks are also provided for CV, gate +5V, velocity and audio.

The jack sockets can also be used in conjunction with the supplied patch lead, for extra interconnections between modules that are not catered for by the internal patching arrangement.

Power Supply And Accessories
The unit is supplied complete with a universal 24V dc power unit that will work on any mains supply from 100 to 240V ac,. There are three interchangeable plug tops - just attach the plug pin assembly that matches your local power supply socket.


A long 1/4" (6.35mm) mono jack to jack output lead is supplied, for connection to an external audio amplifier.


A short patch lead is also included, for making extra connections between internal sections as described above, or for connecting external effects units.

Case and Controls
The retro-styled steel case has a powder-coated, black and white paint finish. The construction is solid and robust, making the unit ideal for live performance use.

The controls and switches are laid out as ergonomically as possible, with plenty of space around the control knobs, making programming rapid and easy.

We deliberately avoided putting any sockets on the front panel, to keep the unit neat and uncluttered when in use - let's face it, nobody needs a tangle of patch leads getting in the way when trying to set up sounds!

All potentiometers are robust, full-size units, and all switches are good quality toggle type, as opposed to fragile and unreliable slide switches.

Technical caracteristics

Type: MIDI-controlled, monophonic analog synthesizer.
MIDI channels: 12, selected by rotary switch.
VCO (Voltage-Controlled Oscillator): square, ramp, triangle and sine outputs, with PWM control of square wave. Control characteristic: 1V/octave, logarithmic.
VCF (Voltage-Controlled filter) control characteristic: 1V/octave, logarithmic. Type: 24dB per octave, 4-pole lowpass.
VCA type: linear, with germanium diode overdrive stage for special effects.
LFO x 2: square and triangle outputs. Variable wave shape controls, two frequency ranges (LOW and HIGH) providing sub-audio to audio frequency output. Output level 10V p/p each waveform.
Gate input range: +2  to +10V.
Gate output from MIDI: 5V.
Glide control: variable rate from 0 sec. to approx 1 sec.
Velocity output from MIDI: 0 - 10V nominal.
Audio output level: 0 - 3V p/p, variable.
Power Supply: Universal plug-in adapter, 24V dc. Operates on 100-240V ac, and supplied with a selection of mains plug top adapters for worldwide use.
Signal inputs/outputs: via 6.35mm (1/4") jack sockets.
MIDI In: via 5 pin DIN socket.
Accessories supplied: 1 x 6.35mm jack cable for output signal, 1 x 6.35mm jack patch cable (for external patching, or connection to effects pedals).
Dims: 440 x 230 x 100mm overall.
Weight: 2kg approx.
Place of manufacture: hand built in the UK in small production runs.

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