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The legendary Roland TR-808 vintage rhythm box works perfectly. Some original screws have been replaced. All buttons and potentiometers work, as well as all separate outputs, or high and low level merge outputs. Ready to use.

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The legendary drum machine made by Roland, mythical in electro, solid Japanese construction made entirely of metal. It is imposing in size and look. Separate outputs for each sound with volume control, 3 trigger outputs for synthesizers (Juno 60, Jupiter 8, but not only) or modular (trigger and Rate): COWBELL, HANDCLAP, ACCENT. For comparison, we have only one Trig output on a TR-707. The sound of Marving Gaye's "sexual healing", used by Carl Craig, Egyptian Lover. Kraftwerk, New Order, Fatboy Slim, Plastikman... The accentuated kick produces a slightly louder and longer sound. The 808 is "the beat" with a huge kick. Incredible: the name of this machine is mentioned in songs by Madonna, Rihanna in "Emergency Room", or Britney Spears: "you got my heart beating like an 808" in "Break the Ice". Documentaries exist on this RAB. Cult. 

By Sébastien Burlet, Zicplace.

The reading of the electronic diagram shows us a purely analogical and methodical machine in the construction of each sound from basic components: transistors, Motorola or Toshiba "discontinued" NOR, NAND, Trigger, Flip Flop, 4-bit CMOS memories. At the same time we didn't have many other technologies at the time, and the 11 sounds and their grain really come from the choice of vintage components and their assembly. For example, the snare sound is a Bridge T-Network design with 2 settings for a fundamental and a harmonic. The cymbal sound is built with 6 oscillators, Tone and Decay settings.

Be careful with the sampling rate if you record digitally, this machine deserves a good quality of digital recording. There are 2 output levels. A guitar amp is not suitable because there is a large gap in the frequency range between the kick and the cymbal.

In case of a problem, the machine is repairable and you can find original chips with 1980 sound or replacement chips, as you wish.

Tempo adjustment with 2 buttons including one fine adjustment.

Even the power supply is a masterpiece for the electronics engineer, with voltage control. A 250mA fuse protects the circuits (CEE 220-240v version). The list of electronic components shows barely a total of 3 capacitors, so very few fragile components in the decades. This ensures a long life of the instrument and ease of repair: most failures concern the power supply or the volume and adjustment potentiometers.

No MIDI input or output, you must use an additional kit if you need it in your setup.

Possibility to enter rhythms on the fly for homemade zouk syncopations, or "perfect" placement.

Weight: 5 kgDimensions: 508×305×105 mm

By Sébastien Burlet, Zicplace.

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