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The KPR-77 was Korg's answer to the TR-606 drum machine. Like the 606, the KPR-77 is an analog machine.

Its sounds include bass, snare drum, two toms, open and closed Charlestons, accent and cymbal/lap (switchable). The level of each drum sound can be mixed individually using the sliders. 

Technical caracteristics

It can contain up to 48 patterns (3 groups of 16) and two songs. A pattern can contain up to 32 steps. Like the TR-606, the KPR can be operated on battery power. A cassette allows you to store its memory on tape for offline storage. 

The KPR-77 has DIN SYNC IN/OUT inputs/outputs as well as Tom trigger outputs (like the 606) for external control and triggering. However, Korg's DIN Sync is not the same as Roland's DIN Sync. When synchronizing the Roland and Korg gears via DIN synchronization, however, they will operate the Korg machine at half the tempo/speed of the Roland unit. Indeed, Korg uses a DIN 48 ppqn standard (parts per quarter) while Roland's is 24 ppqn, which can be corrected with several devices that will translate 24-48 synchronization, such as the Korg KMS-30.

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