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Xvive Audio


Build your wireless In-ear monitor systemThe U4 personal wireless monitoring system delivers great sounding audio to your favorite in-ear monitors.Enhance your stage performance with freedom from wires with U4’s easy to use and portable plug-and-play design. Built using the highest quality components housed in a durable metal chassis ensures reliable wireless performance at every show.ALL WIRELESSPLUG-AND-PLAYEasy to carry, easy to set up, plug in and turn on the power to build your wireless In-ear monitor system Input ModeLINE MODEUse with mixers or other professional audio devices that send line-level signals.AUX MODEUse when connecting consumer audio devices such as portable audio players or computers.LIVE PERFORMANCE MONITORTransmitter with the 1/4”ts conversion put in to the mixing Aux channel, set transmitter to aux mode. Or Transmitter put in the mixing XLR main output, for Band playing, silent rehearsal etc.. set transmitter to Line mode.MULTIPLE RECEIVERSUse one transmitter to send signal to Multiple Receivers- creates monitoring for the entire band. Send the signal from one transmitter to as many receivers as needed simultaneously, Simply set as many receivers as needed to the same channel as the transmitter. OR - In situations where multiple “mixes” are needed on stage, each unit has 6 select-able channels for creating up to 6 individual discrete mixes. If you use more than one transmitter, The receiver can switch between different sound sources by simply changing the channel selector.



Xvive Audio


Turn your favorite dynamic microphone into a wireless mic!Designed to make dynamic microphones wireless, the U3 features audiophile sound quality, compact size and stable, reliable wireless transmission. The U3 is suitable for live music performance, recording sessions, theatrical productions, public speaking, outdoor applications and more. It even works as a wireless unit for active loudspeakers, and as a wireless extension for XLR cables!PLUG-AND-PLAYIt's small and light enough to fit in your pocket, and sets up in seconds. Plug it in, turn on the power, set the channel, and your microphone is wireless!For Home StudioXvive’s state-of-the-art A-D/D-A audio conversion technology conveys the true sound of your voice. Whether in live performance or a studio session, the U3 uses high-resolution digital audio and stable wireless transmission, so everyone can hear the real you!Live PerformanceExperience the freedom of live singing, public speaking, video interviews, music recording and more without being constrained by cables!Make any Active Loudspeaker WirelessThe U3 wireless system is like using 90 feet of audio cable—without the cable! You can send audio from any mixer or DJ rig to any active loudspeaker—wirelessly and reliably—without worrying about how to run your cables. This stealthy, invisible method is faster to set up than using cable, and you don’t have to tape down cables to the floor or run them around your audience!For DSLR Camera Dynamic MicrophonesAnyone shooting personal or professional videos with a DSLR will appreciate the freedom of wireless! The U3 system sends your audio signal directly to your audio recorder or mixer through the air—allowing you to take the camera wherever you need it to go!